Hello  PARASOL  Diapers ! (& Goodbye Honest Diapers)

Hello PARASOL Diapers ! (& Goodbye Honest Diapers)

Parasol Diapers, a.k.a “The Best Diapers
& when I say, the best..
You can never go back to using any other brand once you’ve tried Parasol.

I’ve been told by a few of my fellow mom friends to use Honest brand diapers and I did, for a while.. Or at least for the first few months. And to be quite honest, I didn’t LOVE them. My mom thought Honest diapers had the cutest designs (she was obsessed with the Panda design) and she also thought they were pretty good (compared to the ones she used to use on us 20+ years ago). The designs were in fact, cute but that’s not all there is to a good diaper (obviously). Or the fact, big brand diapers don’t necessarily mean that its The Best.

I was so tired of paying for diapers that didn’t meet my standards.. And sis, my standards weren’t high. I wasn’t asking for much.. (Just really good absorbancy for zero diaper rash, preventing poop explosions, something worth the money and diapers comfortable enough for my baby LOL) I looked up what I could do, to prevent from public diaper explosions. Some suggested a different diet, for the baby but if not the baby.. ME! (Okkkkk…..) For ME To eat something less gassy.. LOL. Sis, my diet was FINE. I wasn’t eating food to make myself gassy to pass along to my strictly breastfed baby. So another article I read suggested diaper linings for their backs…. Yeah… No. That’s like knowing there’s a leak in the pipes and just putting a bucket under but not completely solving the problem.
I wanted REAL solutions and QUICK!

Not much later, I came across Parasol brand diapers. I was sold immediately when I saw a video of a mom pouring an entire cup of water on the diaper and claimed it was DRY and soft in an instant!
I knew I had to get some for my baby.

The result: I LOVED IT!!
& so, I made a list of why I made the switch to Parasol and said Buh-bye! to Honest:
(Everything I have listed below are my very own words and opinion, based upon my own experience and thoughts as a former Honest diaper consumer)

  1. Consistency.
    (PARASOL) - There will be many things that will impress you about Parasol brand diapers and right off the bat, it’s the damn package. The literal packaging, and how neat they are. It screams LUXURY! But that’s what you want. A LUX BRAND OF DIAPERS. And as far as I’m concerned, that means quality controlled and consistent. Every single one of their diapers are PERFECTLY made. There hasn’t been even one diaper that was wonky/janky for me.

    (HONEST) - I can’t say the same for Honest brand diapers. I’ve come across unopened diapers boxes that had torn packages on the inside. So…. Are they clean? …Or dirty? How long or when did the package rip or tear open? These diapers will be in direct contact with my babies skin/bum… Have they been contaminated?? Just questions after another going through my head, I shouldn’t have to worry about those things but here I was, worried. I couldn’t trust Honest anymore. Another thing is that, there are two types of designs in one box- almost every single time either or of the designs will be different quality- It’s most likely not consistent. Most of the time, the diaper flap wasn’t glued or put together well so when I would open up the diaper, one side would be less sturdy. My baby crawls around a lot now- which means the diaper needs some kind of strong enough hold so it doesn’t shift around too much. But Honest has failed me on that part. I’ve had my diaper fall apart on me twice (yeah, twice) so far and thankfully, there wasn’t any poop in the diaper. Even one whole package of the diapers, the strap came OFF. Yes! The strap! I can’t use diapers that have a missing strap.

  2. Two words. Poop. Explosion.
    (PARASOL) - THIS THIS THIS!! THIS is one of the best things about Parasol! Never had an issue with poop exploding out of the diapers with Parasol. Nu-uh, none, nada, Z E R O ! And I’m LIVING for this! I mean, isn’t this what diapers should withstand??!?! The straps are insanely secure and the back of the diapers, have ZERO space for an escape. None of that.. back space on the diapers when they lean forward etc. (IYKYK) But I am endlessly amazed by how the poops don’t explode out of the diaper. From the back, from the sides… It’s amazing ok.

    (HONEST) - I mean… Come on, you already know it didn’t withstand the poop explosions. But hear my out, these were my thoughts:
    “Maybe my babe has gotten too big for size 1 diapers and that’s why I kept having to deal with these poop accidents..”
    So I move up a size but no…. it wasn’t the size, it’s the diapers. (dah!)
    I realized, the back flaps don’t help or prevent any of that at all. It’s loose and flappy AF!
    This was the BIGGEST reason why I switched because I was so tired of the poop explosions. Being out in public and having to clean and using up every single baby wipes in your possession.. It’s just not OK.

  3. Diaper. Freaking. Rash.
    (PARASOL) - None, Nada. And guess what? It actually helped speed up the process of an ongoing diaper rash he got from using Honest! One diaper change and his bum was no longer red and bumpy! The absorbancy on the diapers are INSANE. (Like I said, this was one of the reasons why I was so intrigued and interested in using Parasol!) This is also one of the reasons why the diaper explosions are less likely to happen. The poop moisture gets absorbed QUICK.

    (HONEST) - Diaper Rashes happened way more frequent than we liked. Especially when he started to eat solids and his body was going through changes, it was prone to rashes. The diapers are terrible at absorbing the moister and it caused rashes for my babe.

  4. S O F T N E S S

    (PARASOL) - The softest freaking diaper, EVER. They’re literally like cloth. If I were a baby, these are the diapers I want to be in. And because they’re so soft, it moves and shapes to the baby wearing them. It’s like having custom made diapers, for your very own babe!

    (HONEST) - Based off of the texture of Honest diapers, I’ve starting to think that, Honest brand doesn’t care about how the diapers feel for the consumer (like myself). The inside of the diaper where its supposed to absorb, feels OK. Not the softest diapers I’ve felt but I would say its on the more harsh side, along with the CVS brand diapers. And uhm, the outside is also very comparable to computer paper. lol.

But seriously, poop explosions should be a big enough of a reason to switch to diapers that actually withstands it all! You’re paying money for diapers- It’s supposed to HOLD the pees and poops. But why are you paying for diapers that don’t do what they promise to do??? The amount of baby wipes and detergent will eventually add up (and so will your sanity LOL). Cleaning and washing your babes clothes every single diaper change isn’t the way to live.

So, If I have one advice for my fellow parents-

Do yourself and your babe a favor, and use Parasol diapers.


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