100 Days of Léon-Grey

100 Days of Léon-Grey


Hello world, meet my prodigy- Léon-Grey.
Léon-Grey was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on April 14, 2018, 5:47am.
It's been a total of 100 days since my life has been changed forever.

My life before Léon was good. I was having fun, I was carefree- I was just, so fucking free. I was also, selfish and ignorant (amongst other shitty qualities). Freedom and self-care is probably one of the biggest sacrifice about parenthood that I've learned so far. Before I had Léon, I never realized how much "self-care" I spent on myself. Seriously. I mean, self-care can range from your 10 step skincare regimen, working out and getting a facial but it can also mean the simple and basic things you do everyday like- taking a shower. Yes, I may have missed a shower or two but that's not a big deal.. Right? Right. Long as it means, keeping your little human alive.
But the one self-care I miss the most is, being alone.
Ever since having Léon, I have never had one moment to myself. I mean, never. Even when I shower, he's right there. Waiting. For. Me.
I used to think, being alone could be sad and scary at times but now that I won't know what it's like to be alone again for a while, I yearn for it.

But here we are today, in the present day- dark circles, hair in a mess/falling out, hyper pigmentation, acne scarring, a pooch for a stomach and 100 days later..
I am incredibly happy.

Every morning, I get to wake up next to Léon. Lately, he's been waking up before me and I'm woken up with his giggles and loud chitter chatter. Some days are better than others but the worst days are when I'm forced to start the day at 4am, followed by tantrums and scream crying. There's been a point where I was so stressed and exhausted- I, myself wanted to scream and cry. But honestly, one look at him and I can't help but to smile when he's so eager to chat with me. On days like this, I give myself a tap on the shoulder and just carry on (while I hope I will be able to nap with him later on in the day).

I never knew a love like this. I didn't know I could love like this. I'm so utterly in love.

100 Days.
"Its only been 100 days??" but also, "It's already been 100 days".

The past 100 days has taught me to be selfless, calculating, careful and patient.

100 days of Léon. 100 days of happiness.


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